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  3. This time round to keep you merry and joyous in the summer we have Vaughan Williams, Julian Cope, Renaldo and the Loaf, Mike Oldfield, Beautify Junkyards, Don Partridge, Causa Sui, Revbjelde, A Year In The Country, Shirley Collins & Davy Graham, Carya Amara, Rolling Stones and so much more.
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  8. The Late Carya Amara by Carya Amara, released 14 July 1. Crash Ahead 2. Internal Combustion 3. Jamming 4. Snow Scene 5. The Christmas Shop 6. Alchemical Messengers 7. The Delay to Your Journey 8. Sleet Globe 9. Poduchy Śniegu Late and Later It's been a decade since Carya Amara started Earthrid Records with the visceral electronic album 'Vestigial Digital'.

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