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8 thoughts on “ Prime Specimen - Unknown Artist - The Original Star Trek Box (CD) ”

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  2. This show is a good alternative to The Twilight Zone or Star Trek. This show is a real mixed bag of quality when it comes to stories, acting, creature effects and music (lighting and cinematography consistently awesome though). However almost all of the episodes in the first season are fun to watch.
  3. Directed by Gerd Oswald. With Nick Adams, Nancy Malone, Bill Hart, Ray Kellogg. A distant planet teleports a young man and woman from an apartment building to compete in a gladiatorial contest. For the aliens it's just an amusing game but if the humans fail, Earth will be destroyed. The woman is desperate to save Earth, but the man is a vicious, petty crook on the run, who has little to lose.
  4. Sep 26,  · Malachi Throne (Dr. Mike) is probably most identifiable to sci-fi fans from his Star Trek roles (he played Commodore Mendez in “The Menagerie” two-parter on the original series and the Romulan Senator Pardek in the two-part “Unification” on Star Trek: The Next Generation); for our purposes here, it’s more interesting to note that he.
  5. Directed by Paul Stanley. With Geoffrey Horne, Nellie Burt, Vaughn Taylor, Luana Anders. A drifter enters a lonely house, unaware that it is actually an alien creature in disguise. Soon he realizes that he is a prisoner, along with several other half-mad inhabitants, but he is determined to escape.
  6. Directed by Alan Crosland Jr.. With Larry Pennell, Warren Oates, Walter Burke, Robert Sampson. A scientist visits an isolated expedition on a planet plagued by radioactive dust storms. He discovers that one of the team has been mutated by the dust and gained telepathic powers, which he is using to terrorise the rest of the colony.
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  8. Specimen Unknown Second Chance Moonstone Season 2, Disk 2 The Mutant The Guests Fun and Games The Special One A Feasibility Study Production and Decay of Strange Particles The Chameleon The Forms of Things Unknown Season 3, Disk 1 Soldier Cold Hands, Warm Heart Behold, ECK! Expanding Human Demon With a Glass Hand Cry of Silence Season 3, Disk 2 /5.

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