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  1. Sep 06,  · After an almost successful attempt on Lenin's live, the Tscheka under Felix Dzerzhinsky responds with a terror campaign to consolidate Soviet power through fear.
  2. Martin Latsis, chief of the Ukrainian Cheka, explained in newspaper "Red Terror:" Do not look in the file of incriminating evidence to see whether or not the accused rose up against the Soviets with arms or words. Ask him instead to which class he belongs, what is his background, his education, his profession. These are the questions that will.
  3. Feb 15,  · 20 million Soviet Citizens died at his hand. For a quarter of a century, he ruled his huge Empire with a ruthless iron fist. Terror was his modus operandi –.
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  5. May 22,  · The Red Terror was carried out in post-revolutionary Russia by the Cheka headed by Felix Dzerzhinsky along with units of the Red Army. The Red Terror started as a result of an attempt to kill Vladimir Lenin by Fanni Kaplin in August and the murder of the Cheka leader in St. Petersburg. This failed assassination attempt on Lenin was used as a rationale for the secret police .
  6. In Soviet Union: War Communism. The formal “ Red Terror ” began in September The pretext was a nearly successful attempt on the life of Lenin by a Socialist Revolutionary, Fannie Kaplan. As soon as he recovered from what could have been fatal wounds, Lenin ordered the .
  7. Lenin and his henchmen undertook aggressive action to protect the revolutionary government—action which became known as The Red Terror. It was a violent campaign of intimidation, arrests, torture, imprisonment, and executions in the name of preserving Bolsheviks’ gains in the revolution of the previous year. Jews were at the center of it all.
  8. A grim document summarising extreme methods of torture used by CHEKA agents during the Bolshevik Red Terror: from neck beatings to broken-glass enemas.

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